"Bringing the message of Biblical creation to Kenya"

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What exactly are you trying to do here?

A. It is our goal to help Elly Odongo and God willing, other creation evangelists to bring the scientific Biblical creation message to Kenya. Kenya is a well evangelized country the majority of Kenyans identifying themselves as Christians. However, to our knowledge, no other group is trying to equip native Kenyans to evangelize using literal Biblical creation to bring the message of God's salvation for mankind. We are trying to raise funds to keep Elly in college and to equip him with all the materials he needs to educate himself and evangelize to both Christians and non-Christians using literal Biblical creation as a starting point.

Q. Why is it so important to teach Biblical creation?

A. Because if the creation account given in the book of Genesis is thrown out or compromised, the rest of the bible is undermined. Genesis teaches that God created the world and all that is in it, therefore He has the right to judge his creation. The Big Bang theory teaches the universe made itself. Genesis teaches that Adam sinned and brought physical and spiritual death on himself. Evolution teaches the man had death before sin. Evolution teaches that man has arrived his present state of development by killing off his evolutionary rivals. Creation teaches man has made perfect and murder has no place in God's plan for mankind. The point is, is that Evolutionary teaching undermines the authority of the word of God. Children and adults all over the world are being taught this as fact and as evidence for an atheistic world view.

Q. What creation science are you using?

A. We believe in a literal six 24 hour day creation as laid out in Genesis Chapter one. We reject theories that try to reconcile the Genesis account with modern evolution/old earth theories such as the Gap theory or others that try and place the origin of man before Adam and Eve. We rely on creation science ministries such as Creation Science Evangelism, Answers in Genesis, and others for scientific explanations. We do not endorse all the theories or beliefs of any one ministry or creation scientist, but rather try to keep an open mind to scientific explanations of events mentioned in the Bible.

Q. How exactly are you going to evangelize in Kenya?

A. We are sponsoring a native citizen of Kenya, Elly Odongo, to go to East African School of Theology to complete a four year degree in biblical studies. This will allow him to be credentialed in his denomination, Assemblies of God, to visit churches all over Kenya. While this group and effort is non-denominational in purpose. We have found it necessary to do this under the auspices of a denomination for two reasons. 1) Non-denominationalism is almost nonexistent in Kenya. 2) Seven in ten protestants in Kenya are Pentecostal with 5000 churches in East Africa in 2002(1) providing a opportunity rich environment to educate and recruit partners in creation evangelism. We also plan to evangelise to student groups in public and private schools. Political correctness is not nearly as extreme as in the U.S.

Any questions not covered here please e-mail us at help@creationforkenya.com