"Bringing the message of Biblical creation to Kenya"

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Who are we

Creation For Kenya (CFK) is a very small group that is trying to bring the message of Biblical creation to the people of Kenya. CFK started in 2011 on a FOB in Iraq. Two US service members hosted a creation video series at the camp chapel. While the meetings were often interrupted by enemy rocket fire, this did not prevent many soldiers and civilian contractors from hearing the message of literal biblical creation and the science to prove it. These two service members met and worshiped with a Kenyan security officer named Elly Odongo, who God had given a passion for learning the creation message.

What we are doing

Being fully convinced of the absolute need for the creation message in Kenya. The two service members are endeavoring. by the grace of God, to send Elly to a premier theological university in Nairobi, Kenya. Once ordained as an evangelist of the word of God. Elly's desire is to take the creation message to churches and students all over Kenya. Elly is studying the best creation science available from a variety of creation ministries.

What we believe

Not being associated with any particular Christian denomination, we believe in Christ as the Son of God and the only savior of mankind. Please see our complete statement of faith.

We believe that, touching creation, the Bible gives an accurate, literal account of a six day creation, in which the world and everything on it was created by God. We believe that since that event until now, roughly 6,000 years have elapsed. We believe that the Bible gives and accurate and error free account of history since the creation of the world. We believe that science, accurately interpreted, supports the bible, and that science can be used to defend the literal six day creation account.

Why this is important

The doctrine of evolution does not support the bible. Today millions of people and students believe that the world is billions of years old and that mankind evolved from chemical elements. This belief not only does not agree with the bible, but seeks to actively disprove it, placing death before sin and many other heresies. Today, in Kenya, evolution is being taught as fact in public schools and is gaining ground in scientific and academic institutions. Christianity has gained huge ground in Kenya over the last hundred years, with 78% of Kenyans identifying themselves as Christians.