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Elly and Chaplain

Elly Odongo with our FOB Chaplain, Chaplain Angel Berrios in Iraq, 2011. The DoD contracts thousands of security contractors hired from African nations like Kenya and Uganda. The typical monthly salary for this work is $550-700 for these professionals who endure the same dangers and enemy fire as we do.

Elly close call

A visibly shaken up Elly displaying his church clothes just after a piece of an enemy rocket penetrated through his quarters and made a clean softball size hole through his jacket and shredding his pants. Elly was not is his quarters at the time because he was walking back from one of the creation video showings. Elly carries this suit with him and shows it as a testimony of God's protection.

Elly and family

Elly back with his family in August 2011 after the money was raised to pay for his university tuition and living expenses, allowing him to resign from working as a security professional in Iraq. Elly has moved to Nairobi, Kenya so he can commute to the university on a daily basis.

Elly EAST 1Elly EAST 2

Elly after beginning at East African School of Theology in September 2011. Elly will study for a 4 years bachelors degree in General Biblical Studies. Elly is 46 years old and never thought he would get an opportunity to attend college.